When boarding in our kennel our individual runs inside are 3’x 10’ ft. Each dog is given their own run, unless you have multiple dogs that you would want to board together. At least 3 to 4 times a day the dogs are individually let outside to a 20’ x 80’ft exercise area (half sun & half shade). While they are outside their kennel is cleaned, water changed if necessary, fed, etc. This guarantees a lot of individual attention. The kennel is climate controlled. We feed Iams dog food to our guests, though special diets, medication, and or special needs are not an inconvenience to us. We really want to be as close to home as possible. We offer boarding for our feline friends as well; they are in their own room away from the action of the main kennel.


Vaccination records must be kept up to date, please bring copy of shot records with you.